2024 february 7

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6th Terme Architecture Symposium

The 6th Terme Architecture Symposium, like last year, was held at the Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran by the Terme Media Group, with the presence of General Cabin. The exhibition took place on the 18th of Shahrivar 1402 after the architecture conference and continued until the 21st of Shahrivar.

The number of participants in this exhibition, like last year, was approximately 80 construction companies from Iran and around the world. The participating companies in the 6th Terme Symposium were active in various fields such as manufacturers of building materials and equipment, furniture, architecture and interior decoration, and suppliers of construction machinery.

Presence of General Cabin

The 6th Terme Architecture Symposium, with the participation of General Cabin, featured innovation and the unveiling of new products. General Cabin was able to attract the attention of the visitors to this event by presenting their new collection called “Harmony.” The Harmony collection, with its innovative design of elevator cabins, doors, and cladding, received a great deal of attention from architects and building industry designers. General Cabin, with a focus on creating added value in the construction industry, particularly emphasizing a product called “elevator,” has taken a new step in this industry, which could play a significant role in the flourishing of the construction industry.

The increased presence of General Cabin in such symposiums contributes to the qualitative and quantitative improvement of a product called “elevator cabin” in the construction industry.

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