BST Door

BST Cabin and landing doors

The first soundproof door in Iran.

The rapid advancement of the elevator industry worldwide and the pressing need for a profound and serious transformation in this industry in our country led General Group to take on the task of producing high-quality elevator components and accessories that meet international standards. In doing so, they aim to make a valuable and effective contribution in this field.

Since 2022, in collaboration with a group of experienced engineers and specialists, General Group has been importing BST automatic doors from China, which are manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN-81. So far, a large number of these doors have been successfully installed and are operational in various passenger and freight elevators in different locations.

Why choose BST doors?

  • Equipped with silicon rollers in the mechanism of floor and cabin doors for smooth operation.

  • Comes with rubber shoes for added traction.

  • Includes an energy chain for guiding the photo cell.

  • Features a half-lock bolt to enhance safety and prevent unauthorized opening of the cabin door by passengers.

  • Utilizes an intelligent drive system manufactured by Inovance.

  • Packaging is done with wooden pallets to prevent deformation during long-term storage.

  • Easy and quick installation process.

  • Equipped with a PM motor for efficient operation.

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