The Tallest Buildings In Iran

2024 January 30

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Iran's Tallest Buildings

Get to know the tallest buildings in Iran!

Today, the number of tall buildings has increased more than ever before, which indicates the special importance of this topic. Iran’s tallest buildings prove that the need for high-rise buildings has increased. In these conditions, the rate of construction has also increased, indicating the high importance of this topic.

In this article from the General Cabin website, we intend to become more familiar with the tallest buildings in Iran, so stay with us until the end.

Milad Tower; The tallest building in Iran

Among Iran’s tallest buildings is Milad Tower, located in the north of Tehran. This telecommunications tower stands over 430 meters tall and is considered an engineering masterpiece. Milad Tower is the sixth tallest telecommunications tower in the world in terms of height. This massive project began in 1999 and was completed after seven years. The height of this tower is so great that it can be seen from kilometers away from Tehran. Of course, you can see it from a distance when there is no air pollution. A plot of 62 hectares has been allocated for this huge project, within which various tasks can be accomplished. Milad Tower has been designed on 12 different floors, each with its own significance. Given the special conditions that exist in Milad Tower, many people visit the tower annually. It might interest you to know that among Iran’s tallest buildings, none are as well-known as Milad Tower. The various parts of this tower introduce Iran and its celebrities. Moreover, the Milad Tower conference hall hosts various events annually, each of which is of importance. This tower’s location on the Hakim West Expressway means it can easily be seen from the farthest points of Tehran.

Tehran International Tower; The largest residential structure in Iran

Another one of Iran’s tallest buildings you should know is the Tehran International Tower. This building is the tallest residential building in Iran, standing more than 162 meters high. The tower consists of 56 different floors, each housing several units. Inside this tower, there are 572 residential units, each with a specific floor area. It may be interesting for you to know that various recreational facilities have been placed in this tower so that residents have a better quality of life. The construction of this important tower started in 1996 and has been home to many families so far. The final stage of this tower’s construction ended in 2007 and it was finally put into operation. The existing foundation of this tower is over 220,000 square meters, which will indicate its vast extent. Also, this building has recreational parts such as fun and commercial sections. Currently, this residential tower will be the best possible option for those who have the financial capacity.

World Trade Tower; One of Iran's Tallest Buildings

You might think that Iran’s tallest buildings are only in Tehran; however, many towers are found in other large cities in Iran, such as Tabriz. The World Trade Tower, standing at a height of 152 meters, is located in Tabriz and is known as an administrative, service, and tourism center. This beautiful tower has been built in Velayat Park, Tabriz, giving the area twice the charm. The construction of the World Trade Tower took more than 9 years. The World Trade Tower has 37 different floors, each with its specific conditions. This tower is used for administrative and service purposes and does not have a residential use. One of the most important features of this tower is the type of structure used in it. The main structure of this tower is made of a superframe, which will make it an earthquake-resistant structure. Also, various technologies have been used in the construction of this tower to minimize potential damages. The facade of this beautiful and extraordinary tower is also covered with special grooved ceramic panels.

Motel Ghoo Tower in Salman Shahr

If you’re looking for Iran’s tallest buildings, you should take a special look at Motel Ghoo Tower. This tower is located in Salman Shahr, Mazandaran, which was built by the sea. The height of this beautiful tower is 150 meters, which is why it is on the list of tall towers. The Motel Ghoo project includes three different towers next to each other, each used for a specific purpose. An interesting point to note lies in the special and superior architecture of this building. If you carefully look at the design of the towers, you’ll realize they visually resemble a ship. The towers act like the smokestacks of a large ship. The uses of this tower are very diverse and include residential and commercial purposes. One of these three towers is entirely dedicated to a hotel that covers 35 floors. The investor in this major project is Mr. Ahad Azimzadeh, a famous Iranian billionaire, who has pushed this project forward at the fastest possible speed. Given that this tower is located next to the beach, you will have an excellent view of the sea and the forest, which will create a very good feeling for you.

Getting to Know Armitage Golestan Tower in Mashhad

If you are looking for Iran’s tallest buildings in other cities in Iran, you should especially check out Mashhad. Armitage Golestan Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Iran, located in the holy city of Mashhad. Armitage Golestan Tower is built on Haft-e-Tir Boulevard and will be easily visible due to its high height. This building is 149 meters high, only one meter shorter than the Motel Qoo towers. The land area where this tower is built is four thousand square meters, which is an astonishing number in its class. Given the size of this building’s project, its construction took more than 9 years and reached its full operation in 2020. Armitage Golestan has various sections, each with its specific use. Numerous sports and recreational facilities have been placed in this tower, each of which you can make good use of. The general skeleton of this tower is made of concrete and frame, which will indicate its very high importance.

White Tower; A Tall Hotel in the Heart of Pasdaran Street, Tehran

Another one of Iran’s tallest buildings that you should know is the White Tower of Tehran. This tower, located on Pasdaran Street, has a height of 134 meters. There are 22 different floors in this tower, which are used for the hotel. Of course, it should be noted that this tower also has recreational facilities like a coffee shop and restaurant, which are of their importance. The presence of a revolving restaurant in this tower has caused it to find great appeal to various people. The construction of the White Tower dates back to 1994. Nowadays, commercial and administrative units are also active in this tower, carrying out their various tasks. Considering that this project has various uses, the White Tower can be considered one of the important towers of Iran. If you want to go to this tower, you should go to Pasdaran Street and then to Nisatan Fifth. For those who want to stay in an excellent hotel, this option can certainly be very useful and effective for them.

Important Points About Afra Residential Tower

If you are looking for Iran’s tallest buildings, you must take a special look at Afra Residential Tower. The construction of this beautiful tower was completed in 2017, which is in the best possible condition in this regard. In general, this tower has been built on 38 floors, which will indicate its high importance. This tower is located in Elahiyeh, Tehran, with a land area of about 650 meters. In general, this tower will be one of the best options for residency. The main structure of the Afra residential tower is made of steel, which also contains shear walls. One of the special attractions of this tower is related to its external appearance. Beautiful travertine stones have been used for the facade of this tower, which gives it a beautiful appearance. The safety system used in this tower is very professional so that it can be used in case of need. Also, this structure is built as earthquake-proof, which will further highlight its importance. The high number of closed-circuit cameras existing in this tower will ensure your security well.

Paj Office and Commercial Tower, Mashhad

Among Iran’s tallest buildings, a special look should also be given to the Paj Tower of Mashhad, which is unique. This tower has administrative and commercial uses, inhabited by many people. Paj Mashhad is located on Janbaz Boulevard of Mashhad, which is considered one of the best parts of this city. This tower includes 5 different blocks, each with its specific uses. Each block includes between 6 to 25 floors, which are home to many commercial and administrative units. Over 100 commercial units have been built for various businesses in this tower, which can be well utilized. Also, it is necessary to mention that there are 343 independent administrative units in this tower, each of which is of importance in its kind. The presence of various facilities such as a sports hall, cafe, cinema, restaurant, and hypermarket will indicate the importance of this tower. Currently, some of the stock brokerages are also present in this building and carry out various activities. The best available technologies in the world have been used to build this tower, which will multiply its importance.

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