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2024 January 30

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Luxurious and beautiful buildings place significant importance on the design of luxury elevators. In general, the elevator cabin plays a primary role in the beauty of an elevator, and for this reason, luxury and deluxe elevator cabins are one of the concerns of building owners. General Cabin Company, with years of experience in designing and constructing various elevator cabins, will satisfactorily meet your taste and need for a luxury elevator cabin.


A luxurious, deluxe, and beautiful elevator cabin can enhance the overall appearance of a building, making it more attractive and unique. The most important aspect of these cabins is their design and the materials used in their construction. The choice of cabin materials depends on the building’s design, owners’ tastes, the climate of the region, and the customers’ budget for the elevator installation. The General Cabin technical team, considering these factors, offers you the most suitable luxury and deluxe elevator cabins and installs them in the shortest possible time.

Luxurious Elevator Cabin Design

To design a luxurious and deluxe elevator cabin, attention must first be paid to the raw materials. Elevator cabins are designed and built in various models such as:

– Stainless steel elevator cabin

– MDF elevator cabin

– Glass (panoramic) elevator cabin

– Formica elevator cabin

– Semi-stainless steel elevator cabin

All these models can be installed and set up as luxury and deluxe elevator cabins in commercial, administrative, and residential buildings. Choosing one of these cabins depends on personal taste and the overall appearance of your building. Therefore, before taking any steps in this area, consult with the sales consultants and experts of General Cabin to obtain specialized information.

Besides beauty, the elevator cabin must also have appropriate security. Therefore, the quality of the raw materials used in designing a luxury and deluxe elevator is very important. There is no doubt that General Cabin has always prioritized using original and high-quality raw materials and parts to satisfy its customers throughout its years of operation.

Types of Luxury Elevator Cabins

As mentioned, various types of luxurious and deluxe elevator cabins can be produced, related to the raw materials used in their construction. Generally, at General Cabin, considering the overall appearance of your building, we are ready to design luxury and deluxe cabins in stainless steel, MDF, and glass models.

Luxury Stainless Steel and Semi-Stainless Steel Cabin

Stainless steel sheets remain the most popular material used in constructing elevator cabins. The color and pattern variety of these cabins allows customers to freely choose their desired cabin. For example, golden and silver stainless steel cabins in wheat brushed, and mirrored designs can double the beauty and luxury of your building.

Sometimes, MDF sheets are also used alongside stainless steel in constructing elevator cabins. These are known as semi-stainless steel elevator cabins. Semi-stainless steel models are also installed and set up in many residential buildings as luxurious elevator cabins. These cabins are commonly used when building owners intend to save on the overall costs of installing an elevator.

General Cabin sales consultants and experts will recommend the best luxury stainless steel and semi-stainless steel cabins for you, considering the building’s condition, budget, and your expectations and tastes. In addition, you can choose your preferred color and design by viewing 2D and 3D designs of the elevator cabin.

Luxury Glass Cabin

Owners of luxurious commercial and administrative buildings typically go for glass cabins. These cabins are made in various designs such as round, square, etc., and give a stunning beauty to the overall look of the tower. The price of glass cabins, also known as panoramas (with a 360-degree view), is higher compared to other models.

General Cabin will install and set up the most luxurious types of glass elevator cabins for you in the shortest time and at the most reasonable price, considering the overall appearance of the building.

Luxury Cabin Decorations Details

In designing an elevator cabin, attention to the decoration of different parts is of great importance. In general, in constructing a luxury and deluxe cabin, the following should be designed and installed in the best possible way:

– Elevator cabin door

– Cabin floor

– Cabin ceiling

– Cabin control panel

The elevator cabin door is designed to be automatic or semi-automatic and is available to customers in telescopic, central, and bus models. Great care and attention must be given when choosing a suitable elevator door, as it plays a determining role in the beauty and, of course, the safety and overall longevity of the elevator. Note that the cabin door differs from the landing doors (the door installed on each floor).

Elevators have two doors: the cabin door that moves with the cabin between floors, and the landing doors, which are installed separately on each floor. The cabin door must be automatic, while the landing door can also be manually opened.

Luxurious Elevator Cabin Parts

The cabin floor is another part and decoration that affects the final appearance of the cabin and the elevator. For designing this part, you can use paving stones (usually in stainless steel cabins), ceramics, PVC, etc.

The ceiling of the cabin is another part that should be considered for its luxury and deluxe appearance. The ceiling is made from the raw materials used in the cabin and, in addition to various decorations, must have appropriate lighting.

The control panel is installed inside the cabin and, along with the display, is known as the floor guide. Passengers determine the elevator’s route by pressing the buttons (numbers of different floors).

All the items mentioned above, in unison, form a luxurious and deluxe elevator cabin. We recommend that you take the utmost care and meticulousness in choosing each part to ultimately enjoy the installation of a deluxe cabin.

Designing and Pricing of Luxurious Elevator Cabins

We have arrived at the most exciting and challenging part of the story: the price of luxurious elevator cabins! When it comes to the luxury of a product, it’s evident that we must spend a bit more! This is also true for luxurious elevator cabins, and the final costs might be slightly higher, but rest assured, when you encounter this cabin in your building, you will see that it has been worth it.

Given the severe market fluctuations and currency prices, we cannot speak definitively and fixedly about the price of luxurious elevator cabins. However, General Cabin assures you that it will offer the most suitable price for designing and setting up these cabins for its customers. Generally, the price of a cabin, in addition to the raw materials, depends on its dimensions and size. Therefore, to estimate the overall cost of the elevator cabin, all conditions and aspects must be considered.

A luxurious elevator cabin can significantly enhance the beauty of your building. Installing such a cabin might raise your final costs slightly, but rest assured, you will not regret purchasing a luxury elevator cabin. We at General Cabin will be with you from the first moment and guarantee the attractiveness and luxury of your building’s elevator with the best services and professional design.

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