2024 february 6

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The 11th National and International Elevator and Escalator Symposium of Kousha University

The 11th National Elevator and Escalator Symposium is sponsored by the Comprehensive University of Applied Sciences, the cluster development center of elevator technology and related industries of Iran (Kousha), with the sponsorship of General Cabins company in Tehran. You can click here to receive the invitation to this conference and refer to the collection of papers from the 10th National and International Elevator and Escalator Symposium.

When will this seminar take place?

The national and international elevator and escalator symposium of Kousha University was held on February 23, 2022.

Who will participate in this seminar?

Top companies in the field of elevators.

The main focus of the symposium

A hot, challenging, scientific, and influential discussion on the role and position of domestic elevators in competition with imported elevators, with the presence of elevator manufacturers and prominent figures in the elevator industry.

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