2024 April 17

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 In some special circumstances, individuals may pass through the elevator shaft with a vehicle, so provisions for a suspended pit should also be considered in these conditions.

We place four waiting plates on the foundation, which are better installed on the foundation to ensure better welding. We proceed to the upper floors in order, installing the same four plates in the four corners. If there is a column present, care must be taken to ensure that the plates are installed in the best possible location for usability.

We continue with the floors until we reach the top floor. It’s better to construct the partition wall after installing the steel structure and rails for better safety.

In some cases, the shaft walls may be shear, so the required plate surface for elevator installation must be considered on these walls.

Contrary to its small appearance, this elevator component has many applications. Guide shoes are used in all elevators, including hydraulic, traction, and magnetic ones. As mentioned, the main role of guide shoes is to assist in the smooth movement and reduce the slippage of the elevator cabin and the counterweight along the elevator guide rails. All this contributes to the improved movement of the elevator.

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