Wittur MFC.1

Wittur MFC motor

About Wittur

Wittur is a high-quality manufacturer and supplier of elevator components with a 54-year history. The company was established in Germany in 1968 and has a team of 4600 employees. They distribute their products worldwide.

Wittur gradually expanded beyond Germany and entered China in 1995. They also started operations in Brazil and Argentina, becoming one of the top brands in the elevator industry.

The Wittur motor offers several advantages, including:

  • High structural stability and durability – Internal rotor design with high torque, low noise, and smooth movement
  • Disc-type electromagnetic brake with a torque of 2×900 Newton meters
  • Housing with hysteresis
  • Excellent motor rating, using high-performance permanent magnets
  • Up to 80 meters maximum travel height with double capacity load
  • CE certification according to EN 81-20/5
  • Compatibility with inverters, solid or integrated couplings for measurement equipment.

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