2024 January 6

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Hinged Ceiling

Most cabins with heavy designs do not have the capability or need for a hinged ceiling.

You may certainly ask where hinged ceilings are applicable.

They are suited for cabins with a simple design with halogen ceiling lights installed.

For example, Raybon cabins, with their modern and straightforward design, are a suitable choice for applying hinged ceilings.

The function of hinged ceilings is to facilitate the replacement of ceiling lights, hence they are not efficient for cabins that have installed linear lighting. Like those ceilings fitted with profiles, it is only necessary to remove their diffuser to change the lighting.

Hinged Ceiling
Hinged Ceiling

General Cabin's Hinged Ceiling Features

The hinged ceiling, a new product from General Cabin, greatly assists service and maintenance companies.

Among General Cabin’s new products, we can refer to the cabin’s lockable hinged ceiling. This ceiling allows for the installation of heavy ceilings with less manpower. The use of a locking mechanism with a safety catch, which can easily be opened and closed, prevents noise during motion due to its lock shaft spring. The use of gas struts to prevent sudden and quick opening of the ceiling is another important feature of this ceiling.

The design and implementation of a unique hinge and restraining mechanism prevent unauthorized movement of the ceiling, ensuring that the ornamental walls remain completely safe and undamaged. This mechanism allows the decorative ceiling to be positioned at the minimum possible distance from the cabin walls, without disrupting the cabin’s harmony.

All the aforementioned advantages enable the ceiling to be opened, inspected, serviced, and closed by just one person without causing any damage to the cabin decorations.

Undoubtedly, the features of this product are of great help to service and maintenance companies.

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