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Conference of Designers and Architects of District One (IRIB)

Today, the number of tall buildings has increased more than ever before, emphasizing the special importance of this issue. Indeed, Iran’s tallest buildings prove that the need for high-rise buildings has grown. With this increase in construction, the importance of the matter has become more evident. In this article from General Cabin’s website, we intend to learn more about Iran’s tallest buildings, so stay with us until the end.

What happened at the beginning of the conference?

One of the most crucial issues discussed at the Conference of Designers and Architects of District One was the necessity of using new technologies in construction. This conference was hosted by the Municipality of District One, and city officials were actively involved. At the start of the conference, the Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning and Architecture of District One of Tehran gave a speech and addressed the topics of discussion. After the introductory remarks by this official, Mr. Mansouri, one of the top architects of District One, presented various challenges in the field.

He described the conditions of his successful projects for others to benefit from. Certainly, there are obstacles that he also examined in detail. Many architects in District One are keen on reducing the bureaucratic work related to permits. Fortunately, various solutions were presented at the Designers and Architects of District One conference, and the relevant officials also decided to put all their effort into this area. Given the high importance of the Conference of Designers and Architects of District One, the presence of many construction companies was also noticeable.

Examining the concerns of builders at the Conference of Designers and Architects of District One

One of the main issues occupying the minds of those in the building industry is the presence of various obstacles to construction. Therefore, all these issues and problems were specifically examined at the Conference of Designers and Architects of District One. One of the most important achievements of this conference was the organization of a facade campaign. The establishment of this facade campaign led to subsequent gatherings one after another. The concern about the issuance of building permits has always been present for architects and takes up a lot of their time. Fortunately, each concern of the builders of District One was examined specifically, and comprehensive solutions were also presented.

Meeting of Builders and Architects with City Officials

The mayor of District One was one of the invitees who separately expressed his viewpoints. Additionally, an extraordinary session was held between builders and the relevant officials to achieve the greatest possible coordination. Given that many of the rules are outdated, builders often wait and lose a lot of their time; whereas, if the administrative work related to permits were to be carried out immediately, construction would happen at the fastest possible speed.

Moreover, the conference emphasized the need to make changes to the municipality and engineering system laws. Often, these regulations create additional stages for builders, eventually becoming an obstacle. The mayor stressed that the system of inquiries is expected to move towards becoming online, which would minimize problems. Many of the issues faced by builders in District One were expressed in specialized meetings with city officials in hopes of finding a resolution as soon as possible.

In these meetings, brainstorming occurred in the best possible way so that both parties could arrive at suitable solutions to an agreement. City officials during this session emphasized the importance of monitoring unauthorized construction and spoke of their seriousness in this matter. In response, the architects and builders also committed to building according to the latest determined standards.

Builders' Concerns at the Conference of Designers and Architects of District One

For the level of construction in District One of Tehran to increase, builders’ concerns must be specifically examined. Builders expressed their complaints directly at the Conference of Designers and Architects of District One. One of the complaints raised was the municipality’s focus on quantity over quality. Generally, the municipality measures progress based on the number of projects and building units; whereas, an architect is looking for quality in their structure and uses all tools for this purpose. Therefore, this difference in opinion may slow down the pursuit of goals. Many of the municipality’s regulations for building can be revised, and these standards should change according to the latest principles. After all concerns were expressed, officials also promised to explore different solutions to achieve an excellent outcome from these discussions.

General Cabin's Presence at the Conference of Designers and Architects of District One

Given the high importance of the Conference of Designers and Architects of District One, representatives from numerous construction companies also attended. General Cabin, a company manufacturing elevator cabins and other equipment, had sent its representative to this conference. This company supplies a large part of the elevators in District One of Tehran, which is precisely why it attended the conference. According to research conducted so far, all of General Cabin’s products are manufactured using the latest global technologies, representing its high credibility.

General Cabin is committed to supplying elevator cabins for construction projects in District One. Currently, close cooperation has been formed between builders and General Cabin, which is considered a win-win relationship. Given the high quality of General Cabin’s products, the number of their orders is increasing daily, indicating the high value of these products.

The Conference of Designers and Architects of District One in Tehran took place at the IRIB International Conference Center. During this conference, top builders and architects of District One attended to meet with city officials. A good relationship was formed between the two sides during the conference to understand concerns and anxieties especially. Moreover, promising commitments were made by the Municipality of District One to ameliorate the obstacles to housing production in the area markedly.

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