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Conference on Tradition and Modernity in Architecture at Abgineh Museum, Tehran - November 2023

The specialized event on tradition and modernity in the architecture of Tehran city was held in the Abbas Kiarostami Conference Hall in Tehran on the afternoon of Thursday, November 17. The event featured speakers such as Hooman Balazadeh and Faramarz Parsi and was attended by General Cabin.


At the beginning of the session, Hooman Balazadeh, the director of Hoobaa Design Institute, introduced modern structures built in Hoobaa Design Studio with a focus on Tehran. Faramarz Parsi, a university professor and the manager of the Emarat Khorshid Consultants, examined the two terms “tradition” and “modernity” extensively and discussed the emergence of modernity. He emphasized the preservation of cultural genes and the issue of educating new generations, as well as discussing key contemporary architectural works in Iran and why they are not being mainstreamed.


General Cabin participated in this conference with a focus on creating added value in the construction industry, with a special emphasis on a product called “elevator.” By unveiling the Harmony Collection, they managed to attract the attention of experts in this field to their new products.

Establishing a dialogue between the past, present, and future has always been a major concern of traditional societies, and art and architecture, as the main pillars of a culture, have always addressed this concern. In this regard, General Cabin has taken steps and managed to respond to this concern with its new products.

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