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2024 february 7

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The 12th International Elevator Exhibition 1402

The organization of the Elevator and Escalator Exhibition in Tehran 1402 has provided an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders in this field to showcase their services. The participating companies in these exhibitions include various domestic and foreign institutions, each of which has specially showcased its capabilities. The presence of foreign companies at this exhibition signifies its international nature, further enhancing its credibility. General Cabin also had a strong and colorful presence at this year’s elevator and escalator exhibition, as always. You can learn more about this exhibition and how General Cabin participated in it on the General Cabin website.

In general, the organization of this exhibition has numerous benefits for both participants and visitors. All services related to the elevator and escalator sectors were showcased at this important event. Since all the prominent experts in this field participate in the exhibition, interactions between companies and various individuals can have a very positive impact on their businesses. Construction companies and developers also showed special interest in exploring the latest facilities in this unique exhibition.

General Cabin's Presence

Like in previous years, General Cabin showcased its innovations and bold designs at this year’s exhibition. General Cabin presented several new models of elevators with modern and classic designs, which can be described as daring and unique in the country’s elevator industry. The company received an enthusiastic response from the visitors at the Elevator and Escalator Industry Exhibition 1402.

General Elevator City

One of the significant events at booth 1402 was the unveiling of the General Elevator City platform. In this virtual city, which is unprecedented in the elevator industry, about 30 elevator models have been designed and simulated in 3D, fully complying with international elevator standards. This elevator city can serve as a reference for a better understanding of elevators and a comprehensive tool for enthusiasts and technicians in this field. In this virtual city, 30 elevator models categorized as traction, hydraulic, gearbox, and gearless are available, each divided into different subcategories.

In addition to the above, elevator companies can have an account on this platform and create a dedicated page for their company. Elevator companies can showcase their sample works and projects on their dedicated page in the General Elevator City and utilize this platform for their business goals.

Elevator companies can use this platform to achieve their business goals and benefit from it.

Double-Wall Cabins by General Cabin

General Cabin unveiled its new double-wall cabins at this year’s exhibition. The outer part of these cabins is made up of two walls, and thanks to the insulation between the two walls, special features have been added to these cabins. From now on, all cabins by General Cabin will be double-walled. Some features of these cabins include:

– Prevention of shaft noise from entering the cabin

– Prevention of drafts and heat from entering the cabin

– Increased cabin aerodynamics up to a speed of 3 meters per second

– Protection of the main body and cabin decorations from transportation-related impacts or falls.

New Motor Bases by General Cabin

General Cabin presented its new motor bases at this year’s exhibition. These new motor bases by General Cabin are fully designed according to elevator standards and, in addition to modern design, have the following advantages:

– Lighter weight compared to similar models

– Calculated resistance up to a 10-fold safety factor

– Access to various necessary parts such as head axles and hoistway sills

– Hoistway sill adjustment capability up to ±60 millimeters

– Hoistway and traction motor covers with pneumatic lock and jack

– Modern and minimal design

– Slope adjustment capability by motor base shims

– Designed according to national elevator standards

– Adjustable motor wiring track rail

Virtual Booth Tour

For those who could not attend General Cabin’s booth in person, a virtual tour of the booth has been prepared so that they can virtually visit General Cabin’s booth.


To take a virtual tour of General Cabin’s booth, click here.

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