Double-walled cabins

2024 January 9

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The standards for double-walled elevator cabins pertain to the technical specifications and safety standards for the design and construction of elevator cabins, which have been developed for sound insulation, heat retention, and increased fire safety. These standards discuss factors such as the thickness of the sheets used, the filler materials between the double walls, and the details of how the parts are connected.

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Double-walled cabins

A double-walled cabin has two advantages: sound insulation and heat insulation.

Double-walled cabins, with their two notable benefits, appear very effective: insulation properties against sound and heat. Heat insulation means that in potential events such as fires or thermal explosions in the elevator shaft, passengers can remain safe within a General brand double-walled cabin for one to two hours. However, the protection level depends on the fire’s intensity and temperature. Suppose the temperature outside the cabin is around 300 degrees Celsius. In that case, the temperature of the metal surface inside the cabin will be about 40 degrees, on which MDF steel is applied as the final layer. Ultimately, the internal temperature of the cabin under normal conditions will be about 35 degrees; in this case, the individuals inside the cabin can remain safe for approximately two hours in the worst thermal conditions, like a fire. The reverse is also true. The air inside the cabin is cooled by air conditioning and this cool air doesn’t escape outside due to the cabin’s double-walled design.

Sound insulation is another excellent advantage of the double-walled cabin. We are all aware of the noise and commotion associated with the elevator shaft and motor operation, which usually causes discomfort and stress among the users, especially when the elevator speed exceeds 1.6 meters per second. Under these circumstances, a double-walled cabin acts like a sound barrier, preventing undesirable sounds from entering the cabin, and thereby providing a quiet and noise-free experience for the riders.

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