2023 October 10

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What is Electrostatic paint?

Electrostatic paint is an advanced painting process that uses a static electric charge to adhere paint to metal or non-metal surfaces. This process involves the use of electrodes and electrostatic paint powders, which, due to the indirect application of an electric charge to the desired surface, result in uniform and solid adhesion of the paint to the surface.

The main advantages and features of this type of painting include high resistance to corrosion and rust, the ability to coat various surfaces, including smooth or irregular surfaces, minimal paint wastage, and the creation of a uniform, blemish-free coating.

This method of painting is widely used in various industries such as automotive, metalworking, manufacturing of electrical and electronic components, furniture, and more due to its advantages in various areas including resistance, aesthetics, and efficiency.

رنگ الکترواستاتیک
رنگ الکترواستاتیک

The Advantages of Using Electrostatic Paint for Elevator Cabins

Using electrostatic paint for elevator cabins offers numerous advantages due to its unique properties. This type of painting prevents overspray on components and avoids streaking, thanks to its uniform and consistent surface coverage. Additionally, the electrostatic painting mechanism allows the paint to penetrate corners, crevices, and recesses, ensuring complete coverage and protection of surfaces.

One of the main benefits of electrostatic paint is its high resistance, particularly against oxidation or rusting, resulting in a significantly increased lifespan of the painted components. Moreover, electrostatic paint is more resistant to impact and abrasion and provides better maintenance and cleanliness. Ultimately, electrostatic paint improves the maintenance and cleanliness of elevator cabins and generally extends their useful life.

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