2023 January 8

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The advantages of bolted cabin

The body of the bolt or the threadless part always acts like a rod or shaft and resists the forces that would cause the bolt to shear, and on the other hand, it prevents the bolt from moving and shearing off. It’s interesting to know that room bolts, due to their design structure, alleviate many of our concerns.

For instance, one advantage of room bolts is the fit of the installation hole and the presence of a protrusion on the structure of the bolt itself, which prevents the possibility of slipping and movement between plates.

Generally, bolted connections, due to their design structure, do not fail in areas subject to sudden loads and impacts.

The advantages of bolted cabin
The advantages of bolted cabin

If bolted connections fail at one point of the joint, unlike welded joints, they don’t present a problem! This is because other parts of the connection still can bear the load.

Usually, at high temperatures and in the event of fires, bolted connections have more resistance to heat due to the properties of their alloys.

During the welding process, due to high temperatures, the metal plate may warp and distort, eventually causing the entire cabin to twist! However, with bolted connections, this effect is about zero.

The threads on the bolts, due to the structure they possess, inherently have a locking property, and combining them with plain and spring washers increases the resistance against loosening.

Bolted connections are not permanent and are very useful for repair and maintenance, simple inspection, and parts replacement.

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