2024 february 7

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Elevator design and sales conference

The joint conference of the Elevator, Escalator, and General Cabin Association, which is held to promote the elevator industry in the field of sales and design of elevators, is considered an excellent opportunity to exchange information and experiences between experts, manufacturers, and those interested in this industry. This conference can be used specifically to introduce the latest innovations and developments in the design and sales of elevators.


At this conference, experts from the elevator industry can be invited to discuss new methods in the sale and design of elevators. The main topics of this conference are issues such as the design of gearless elevators, safety and standards, laws and tax requirements in 1402 for companies with assembly design licenses, and related issues.


In this conference, presentations, lectures, workshops, and panel sessions will be held that comprehensively examine the above topics and provide an opportunity for experts and manufacturers to share their knowledge and experiences with other members of the elevator industry. This exchange of information can lead to the advancement of the elevator industry and create more innovations in the field of designing and selling elevators.

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