2024 february 18

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The first gathering of the country's mass constructors and top engineers - Esteghlal Hotel Tehran

The grand meeting of builders, mass constructors, and top engineers of the country, with the approach of applying national regulations in the construction industry, was held with the presence of government officials, mass constructors, and the top engineers of the country on Friday, November 26th at Esteghlal Hotel Tehran.

This gathering was held at Esteghlal Hotel to enhance the knowledge level in the construction industry and was met with a warm reception from the participants.

Presence of General Cabin

This gathering was held to enhance knowledge regarding the application of national regulations in the construction industry, General Cabin attended this conference with a focus on creating added value in the construction industry, particularly on a product called “Elevator”.

General Cabin unveiled its new “Harmony Collection” collection and managed to attract the participants’ attention at this conference. This collection is designed considering the appearance of buildings, lobbies, and building utility, making the Harmony Collection perfectly harmonize with the targeted buildings.

Participating in such gatherings allows industry professionals to become more familiar with the capabilities and potential of General Cabin. This, in turn, leads to increased trust in industry players in domestic production.

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