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Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition 2021

The Isfahan International Construction Industry Exhibition is one of the important events related to the world of construction, held annually in the city of Isfahan. Throughout this exhibition, many active companies in building and construction are present, offering their services and products in the construction field. Given the high importance of the construction industry exhibition, General Cabin was also present as one of the top booths at this event. To better familiarize yourself with the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition, be sure to read this article on the General Cabin website all the way through.

Assessing the Importance of the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition

mong all the events held in the construction sector, the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition holds special significance. Each year, over 100 different companies attend this event to showcase their special achievements. An interesting feature of this exhibition is its international nature, which gives it a unique reputation. The presence of companies from Turkey, Germany, and Italy indicates the high value of this exhibit on an international scale. The participation of foreign companies allows for healthy competition with Iranian companies and keeps them informed of the latest global achievements in exports. A fundamental aspect to consider regarding the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition is the strong presence of Iranian companies from various provinces. Fortunately, the activities of these companies at the exhibition demonstrated that Iran is well-positioned in many fields. Booth owners strive to unveil the latest technologies in the construction industry and deliver exceptional services to you. With the considerable advancements made in the construction field, the annual exhibition significantly contributes to the industry’s growth.

Active Building Participants at the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition

Different groups participated in the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition, each specializing in a particular field. It may interest you that each of these groups has its own unique and proprietary products. To better acquaint you with these active groups at the exhibition, we will examine some of them in the continuation of this article by General Cabin.

Construction Tool Companies

To complete a building, various tools are required. Construction tools such as angle grinders and welding machines are always in use. Given the extensive applications of these tools, their production must also be continuous. Fortunately, manufacturers of these products unveil new equipment at the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition each year, each significant in its own right. Part of the active booths at the Isfahan International Construction Industry Exhibition relate to participants in this sector.

Facility Supplying Companies

The presence of companies providing cooling and heating systems at the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition is one of the highlights to be noted. Generally, installations such as air conditioners, water heaters, and boilers are a necessity in all buildings and require various solutions to secure them. Currently, companies active in this sector have exhibited positive activities and have proven this performance during the exhibition.

Building Materials Manufacturing Companies

Among the various companies present at the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition, many are among the top building materials manufacturers in Iran. Building materials, considered raw materials, are of significant concern when constructing a building. The higher the quality of the materials, the more the strength and durability of the structure will increase. Fortunately, building materials companies were successful at the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition, indicating the high value of their work. These companies also introduced their new products, which were welcomed by visitors.

Who Are the Visitors to the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition?

As mentioned earlier, building and construction agencies were especially present at the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition, highlighting the importance of this event. International exhibition visitors include various groups, with mass builders and contractors being the most significant. During the exhibition, these individuals become acquainted with new products to implement in their projects. Scientific research centers also have an active presence at the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition, detailing various research related to this area. The general public and construction enthusiasts were particularly present at this exhibition, with each examining the progress made in this field separately.

Prominent Role of General Cabin at the Construction Industry Exhibition

The presence of various companies at the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition signifies the event’s high value and credibility. However, some booths were more active in this exhibition, capturing everyone’s attention. General Cabin, as a supplier of elevator products, had an active presence at this international exhibition. General Cabin’s booth displayed the newest achievements related to elevators, which were encouraged by visitors. The company consistently strives to …effectively improve the quality of its products. According to reviews conducted at the Isfahan International Construction Industry Exhibition, General Cabin demonstrated a stellar performance that is truly commendable. You too can familiarize yourself with this significant group and extensively benefit from its services.

Why General Cabin?

General Cabin Industrial Factory produces a broad range of specialized elevator products including cabins, car frames, counter-frames, main structures, motor chassis, car slings, brackets, and other related elevator equipment. With an annual production capacity of more than 2,000 units, General Cabin is ranked within the global class of manufacturers of these products.

The founding managers of General Cabin, who began their activities in the elevator design, production, and assembly industry in 2005, have embarked on producing a product with an engineered and competitive approach to rival top international brands, leveraging their substantial knowledge and experience in the elevator design, manufacturing, and assembly industry.

Why is engineering and design the most critical point in elevator purchase?

Elevator engineering is the most crucial aspect of purchasing an elevator. Unfortunately, most companies active in the elevator field do not pay attention to this critical point and proceed with production and installation empirically, which may lead to irreparable dangers or incur very high costs, such as elevator falls, vibrations, long-term damage, and expensive maintenance services.

General Cabin, with its experienced engineering team, attends to the complete design of the elevator. However, it is essential to note that General Cabin only manufactures elevator cabins; for the satisfaction and safety of the cabin during installation and execution, the company performs the full engineering of the elevator.

The Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition offers a fantastic opportunity for active construction companies to effectively introduce themselves and thereby attract customers. It is noteworthy that some companies have a more active presence at this exhibition, one of the most prominent being General Cabin. Given the extensive opportunities at the Isfahan Construction Industry Exhibition, the proper and professional use of this space can undoubtedly lead to significant flourishing in the country’s construction industry.

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