2024 January 14

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How are cabin screws selected?

You might wonder what criteria and logic are behind the selection of the number and size of screws in creating sturdy and reliable connections between the yoke and the frame in General Cabin’s quality products.

In our approach, each screw is evaluated based on its grade, which indicates the level of strength and endurance it has against tensile and compression forces. We meticulously and accurately determine and design the connection pattern and necessary number of screws, considering the specific grade and the applied load.

To ensure quality and standardization, we sent random samples of our produced screws to a reputable testing center to have the screws’ strength grades validated and determined with complete assurance.

چطور پیچ های کابین انتخاب می شوند؟
چطور پیچ های کابین انتخاب می شوند؟

In the laboratory, screws with a diameter of 12 millimeters and a length of 5 centimeters were chosen for tensile testing and were mounted in a tensile testing machine. As the test began and the machine’s jaws moved apart, the screw was subjected to tensile stress, with the force increasing until it deformed and ultimately broke.

Throughout this process, the force applied to the screw was recorded in real-time and online in specialized software and displayed in a graph. These results assisted us in designing strong assembly structures at General Cabin Company.

Another important aspect was verifying the screw’s body’s ability to withstand the applied loads. Ensuring that the screw shank’s strength does not fail under extreme pressure is extremely important; fortunately, our produced screws have successfully passed this rigorous test.

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