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The First Shahr-e-Aftab Building and Related Industries Exhibition 1402

In the year 1402, Tehran’s Shahr-e-Aftab hosted one of the most vibrant events in the construction industry. The International Building Industry Exhibition, known as one of the most important platforms for knowledge exchange and trade in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, and construction, created unparalleled opportunities for participants.

1. Exhibition History and Introduction: This exhibition provided a unique opportunity for companies, manufacturers, and industry stakeholders to introduce the latest technologies, materials, and services related to the construction industry.

2. Various Sections of the Exhibition: The exhibition included various sections such as building materials, construction equipment, elevators, advanced building technologies, consultancy and design services, workplace safety and health, and project management sections.

3. Presence of reputable companies and brands: In this exhibition, reputable companies and brands from both domestic and international markets, including General Cabin, showcased their latest products and services. This presence provided an excellent opportunity for commercial communications and international cooperation.

4. Innovation and Technology: One of the important features of this exhibition was the introduction of innovations and new technologies in the construction industry, including the use of advanced building materials, innovative building equipment, and more advanced construction methods.

5. Holding conferences and workshops: Alongside the exhibition, various conferences and workshops were held, covering various topics such as project management, the use of technology in construction, green building design, and energy efficiency.

6. Benefits of participating in the exhibition: Participating in such events provides companies and industry stakeholders an excellent opportunity to enhance technical knowledge, establish effective business relationships, and share experiences and ideas.

Considering the above, the 1402 Building Industry Exhibition in Tehran’s Shahr-e-Aftab was a very important and successful event in the construction industry, providing an excellent opportunity for advancing the construction industry and commercial communications.

General Cabin's Presence

General Cabin made a bold and unique presence at this exhibition with a distinct unveiling of the Zaha Glass cabin, the latest cabin from the Harmony 1 series, at the General Cabin Festival. With enthusiastic reception from visitors, General Cabin’s presence was notable.

With the increase in commercial facilities and the use of double and triple blocks, the use of glass elevators is on the rise. General Cabin, with the Zaha Glass model, by eliminating ironmongery in cabin construction and replacing it with exclusive profiles, as well as creating various patterns on glass, can design and produce luxurious cabins suitable for high-design spaces.

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