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The 15th assembly of designers and builders

The 15th assembly of designers and builders in Tabriz was held at the International Conference Center in Khaavaran, providing an experience highlighting this industry’s growing importance and status in the Iranian economy and culture. The assembly aimed to promote high architectural standards, establish effective inter-sectoral connections, and reinforce the foundations of innovation in the construction industry. Held in Tabriz in 2023, a city with a rich heritage in art and architecture, the event provided an ideal opportunity for experts to exchange knowledge and innovative ideas.

Distinguished speakers

This significant event featured prominent personalities such as Dr. Zeyn al-Abedin Khorram, the respected governor of Tabriz, Dr. Mohammad Ezzati, the head of the assembly and the honorable deputy of urbanism and architecture of Tabriz Municipality, Dr. Yaqoub Houshyar, the honorable mayor of Tabriz, and some of the country’s chosen builders, including General Cabin. These speakers, with their extensive experiences and broad perspectives, delivered valuable presentations on innovation and development in urban planning.

Exhibition of Building Materials

The building materials exhibition held at the fifteenth assembly of builders and designers in Tabriz provided a platform for presenting and examining the latest innovations and advancements in the building materials industry. The participants of this exhibition included manufacturers, importers, and distributors of building materials, each highlighting their products and services in a unique setting.

Many Iranian companies, and leaders in the production of sustainable materials, including manufacturers of modern materials such as lightweight and durable concrete, energy-efficient thermal insulation, double-glazed windows, and elevator cabins, participated in the exhibition. They displayed their products and engaged in the exchange of technical information.

International brands were also present at the exhibition, creating significant opportunities for local importers and designers to become familiar with modern global materials. These companies attracted the attention of many attendees by presenting pre-fabricated walls, nano-coatings, and smart solutions for energy management.

The exhibition was host to leading startups that have stepped into the construction industry innovation field with inventive ideas and creative solutions. These groups introduced techniques such as 3D printing of building components and using recycled materials in various applications, successfully drawing the attention of a broad range of participants.

General Cabin's Presence at the Tabriz Designers and Builders Assembly

General Cabin attended the congress with an approach to creating added value in the construction industry, focusing on elevator cab designs. By unveiling their Harmony Collection, they managed to attract the attention of industry experts to their new products.a

SCALE: A Scene for Innovation

The SCALE exhibition, held on the sidelines of the fifteenth assembly of builders and designers in Tabriz, was dedicated to introducing and exchanging views as well as the latest achievements of the construction and architecture industry. The exhibition served as a bridge between theory and practice across various sectors of the industry, playing a key role in the synergy of technical knowledge and forward-thinking creativity.

SCALE was a space to showcase the latest products, technologies, and innovative solutions in the realms of architecture and construction. Participants, ranging from young entrepreneurs to large and renowned international companies, gathered to introduce their views and innovations through booths, workshops, and display areas.

One of the focal points of the SCALE exhibition was the development of sustainable and intelligent architecture. Various booths drew special attention by showcasing green building solutions, recyclable materials, intelligent building management systems (BMS), and renewable energies.

Other prominent aspects of SCALE included the presentation of technologies such as 3D printing in construction, the use of innovative and intelligent materials in the production of building materials, and modern design systems like BIM software. These topics demonstrated that the integration of advanced technology and the construction industry is no longer confined to a portion of the design world but has become a new standard.


Through professional meetings, networking programs, and B2B encounters, SCALE provided unique opportunities for interaction and future collaborations among participants and investors. These programs strengthened strategic consensus and paved the way for the flourishing of emerging projects.


A Congress Focused on Convergence and Innovation

This meeting, aiming to elevate the knowledge level of professionals and to create a bridge between theory and practice in the design and construction industry, is recognized as one of the most significant annual events in this field. In addition to presenting the latest scientific and practical achievements, the congress hosted specialized exhibitions and discussion panels featuring prominent experts.

Authenticity and Innovation Combined

One of the most notable features of the congress was its emphasis on blending the authenticity of Iranian architecture and art with modern global architecture. Tabriz, with its historical fabric and memorable monuments, provided an appropriate environment to display the designer’s and builders’ efforts to preserve Iranian architectural identity while incorporating modern technologies and global ideas.

Focus on Sustainability and Durability

Sustainability and green architecture were integral parts of the congress discussions, indicating Iran’s approach to new environmental concepts and sustainable development. The congress deeply explored issues such as reducing the environmental impact of buildings, recycling materials, and utilizing renewable energies.

The Proximity of Technology and Art

Another significant feature of the congress was the use of new technologies to create artistic works and designs that erase the boundaries between technology and creativity. Virtual reality, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence were emphasized as tools to expand the scope of design and enhance the capacity for creating distinguished works.

Ultimately, the fifteenth Assembly of Designers and Builders in Tabriz was not only a professional gathering but went beyond to become a convergence point for new ideas, international collaborations, and creating fresh opportunities for future generations of designers and architects of beloved Iran. Truly, the congress reflected the capabilities and bright prospects of the country’s construction industry.

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