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Elevator and Escalator Exhibition Tehran 1401

The holding of the Elevator and Escalator Exhibition in Tehran 1401 provided an excellent opportunity for all industry players to showcase their services. The participating companies included various domestic and international entities, each specially showcasing their capabilities. The presence of international companies at the exhibition signifies its international nature, further enhancing its credibility. General Cabin Company also had a valuable and effective presence at the Elevator and Escalator Exhibition in Tehran 1401, as highlighted on their website.

Advantages of Holding the Elevator and Escalator Exhibition Tehran 1401

The exhibition offered numerous benefits for both participants and visitors. All services related to the elevator and escalator industry were showcased at this important event. Since all notable experts in this field were present, interactions between companies and individuals could have a significantly positive impact on their businesses. Construction companies and developers especially welcomed the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest advancements in this sector at this unique exhibition.

Almost everyone involved in construction is interested in learning about new elevator products. The exhibition presented the latest equipment and managed to attract a great deal of attention. Various companies used their booths to present their diverse achievements in the industry, aiming to introduce their services and products to those in the construction industry.

Experts from these companies provided consultation about their products and services, while also offering different commercial opportunities for visitors, including product reservations and orders.

Reasons for Holding the Elevator and Escalator Exhibition Tehran 1401

There are several important reasons for holding the Elevator and Escalator Exhibition 1401, each with its significance. The exhibition showcased innovative creativity in the elevator and escalator industry, receiving considerable praise. It effectively highlighted the abundant capacities of domestic production, which can be beneficial. The high-level visits from national officials also shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of this industry, providing favorable conditions for legislation regarding product manufacturing.

Showing different capacities in the elevator and escalator manufacturing industry has led many investors to become familiar with this sector and invest a portion of their capital in these industries. The exhibition showcased unparalleled technologies from other countries, enabling Iranian producers to become acquainted with the top global standards in this field. Fortunately, many successful Iranian companies also engaged in competition with each other in this friendly atmosphere. Undoubtedly, the increased number of companies active in this sector enhances the quality of elevator and escalator services. The exhibition also effectively displayed various companies’ capabilities for exporting their products, providing an outstanding opportunity in this regard.

Key Product Groups at the Elevator and Escalator Exhibition Tehran 1401

Numerous companies at the exhibition, each with its specific portfolio, presented a wide range of products for individuals to benefit from extensive services within this sector. Elevators and escalators formed a significant portion of the exhibition, attracting the majority of visitors. Equipment such as chain hoists and cranes were also showcased, along with items like forklifts and other common lifts. Building inspectors, developers, engineering and design firms, as well as construction contractors, were present at the exhibition to become familiar with various equipment. The active presence of trade publications, specialized magazines, and construction contractors indicated their significant involvement in the exhibition.

General Cabin's Presence at the Elevator and Escalator Exhibition Tehran 1401

Given the exceptional capacities of the Elevator and Escalator Exhibition in Tehran, the industrial factory General Cabin decided to participate in this excellent space. General Cabin exhibited its latest achievements at the exhibition, featuring various equipment such as the weight frame, elevator cabins, and brackets. Many experts and stakeholders acknowledged the high quality of the factory’s products after visiting General Cabin’s booth.

The company is constantly striving to utilize the best raw materials for its production, resulting in the exhibition products being of the highest possible quality. Following the registration of numerous orders at the company’s booth, elevator production and assembly commenced, with a significant portion already delivered to customers.

General Cabin's Virtual Showroom

One of the significant events at Booth 1401 of General Cabin was the introduction of the first virtual showroom for elevators in Iran using VR (Virtual Reality) technology. The simplest definition of virtual reality (VR) is the simulation of a separate world from reality, allowing individuals to enter a different space from their surroundings to experience various activities, such as entertainment, scientific exploration, educational purposes, services, healthcare, and more. By wearing General Meta’s VR headset, individuals can enter the virtual showroom of General Cabin, enabling them to choose their elevator cabins with a much broader and more precise view and obtain a better visualization of their product.

Unveiling of New Products

Another notable event at General Cabin’s booth was the unveiling of the latest elevator cabin designs, each featuring a set of innovative and creative structural breakthroughs. This included the Flow cabin, characterized by its prominent fiberglass panels, and the Rock cabin, being the first concrete elevator cabin ever. The eye-catching Victoria, Zaha, and DX cabins were also part of this booth’s impressive range. Additionally, General Cabin’s models, including elevator cabins and weight frames, made their debut at this exhibition and received considerable attention.

The hosting of the Elevator and Escalator Exhibition Tehran 1401 brought together companies and organizations related to this sector. Visitors gained a good understanding of new products and services, and if interested, placed their orders. General Cabin was among the standout booths at this exhibition, successfully showcasing its best products. Many contractors and building inspectors have endorsed General Cabin’s exceptional products and are incorporating them into their projects.

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