2024 January 7

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What is an Elevator Cabin Panel?

An elevator cabin panel is an electronic control panel installed inside the cabin. This panel features various buttons including floor selection, door open/close, and emergency services such as alarm and elevator suspension. It registers passengers’ commands according to their needs and transmits them to the control panel. The control panel processes the data received through its sensors and operates promptly.

The placement of the Car Operating Panel

The new Harmony collection is designed so that it specifies the placement of the operating panel within the cabin and can aesthetically be part of the cabin’s overall design. We suggest that if you like the Harmony collection, also buy the operating panel from General Cabin and don’t change its designated placement, as this may diminish the beauty of the cabin.

Should you ignore these considerations for any reason, we recommend a hinge handle.

Hinged Cabin Operating Panel

The hinged cabin operating panel is one of the new products of General Cabin Company, which significantly aids in improving the performance of elevator maintenance and service companies.

Imagine one of the flush-mounted push-button panels inside your elevator cabin breaks down and you need to replace or repair it. This concern makes the repair of a small button difficult and time-consuming. The hinged panel is installed at the cabin’s front panel by default, ensuring that not even a centimeter of the cabin’s useful space is compromised. This measure can assist elevator service and maintenance companies in conducting the servicing and maintenance processes easily and safely. Nevertheless, the hinged operating panel has its shortcomings; even if special buttons or monitors are used, it may not make the operating panel sufficiently distinctive and appealing.

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