2023 October 12

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Elevator photocell

The elevator photocell is an electronic component used to ensure elevators’ safety. A photocell is a collection of light sensors installed at the elevator’s entrance doors, whose function is to control the space between the doors to ensure no obstacle in the path when the doors are closing.

This system typically includes one or more infrared lights transmitted from one side of the elevator door to the other and a series of receivers that catch this light. Suppose a person or an object is situated between the two doors and prevents the infrared light from reaching the receiver. In that case, a signal is sent to the elevator controller, causing the door-closing operation to stop, and the doors remain open until the obstacle is removed.

Photocells play an important role in elevator safety and prevent accidents that may occur due to people or objects getting trapped between the doors. Modern safety standards have made the use of photocells almost compulsory in every elevator installation.

Elevator photocell

The Locking photocell, a new product from General Cabin

The Locking photocell is a new product from General Cabin that, due to its numerous features, greatly assists both elevator companies and employers.

The repair and replacement of elevator parts have always been a concern for service technicians and users due to the limited and cramped space and the potential for damaging decorations and other elevator components. This concern has been addressed and resolved by the team of engineers at General Cabin.

The Locking photocell; this component is usually attached to the cabin with adhesive connections, which complicates service technicians’ repair and replacement tasks. Now, General Cabin has designed this product with a locking twin mechanism that easily opens without needing adhesives, cleaning, or damaging the decorations.

This mechanism is securely installed with retaining screws and can only be opened and closed by authorized service technicians.

The designed mechanism easily withstands vibrations without disrupting the photocell’s operation. Components associated with this mechanism are also designed to open easily, providing a clear path for wires and accessories.

The mechanism is completely smooth and helps open the photocell without the need for any special skills.

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